Rejuvenyx Mattress 12"

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Attainable Luxury And The Latest In Innovative Technology. Now Featuring The Revolutionary Phottex Material Guaranteeing Active People Relief From Muscle Aches / Pains and Increasing Firmness And Elasticity In The Skin. This New Technology Has Been Clinically Proven In Europe To Improve Skin Firmness, Smoothness, Elasticity And Collagen Synthesis.  Made with our green Soy Based Memory foam with almost 50% Soy and our Soy based foam core with almost 50% Soy.  Our core is made with a denser, higher quality foam to insure no sag or dip.  The Rejuvenyx comes with an all firm or all soft memory foam option on top to adapt to different preferences.  Includes our proprietary 3D Thermofress material on the side ticking which incorporates Bamboo and allows the mattress to breath and thermoregulate.     


Phottex Material

BENEFITS: reduction of cellulite appearance or orange peel, improvement of skin smoothness, increase of skin firmness and elasticity, collagen synthesis and skin microcirculation enhancement, in the same level of the best cosmetic creams in the market.


All Phottex benefits are validated by several Clinical Tests performed by KOSMOSCIENCE Institute, independent and cosmetic specialized laboratory, following scientific protocols in double blind, paired and controlled experiments.

Phottex is Oeko-tex® certified - Standard 100 Class 1 - guaranteeing there is no harmful or toxic substances for Human Being.

Phottex mechanism is simple to explain: 

Human body emits energy all the time, while we are walking, sleeping, running, working and so on. This energy is emitted in the form of heat in order to make our body and metabolism work properly. The bioactive crystals inside phottex garment absorbs this heat and emits Far Infrared rays which will interact with the body, stimulating the blood microcirculation, leading to a better performance and to skin care benefits.

General Objectives of Clinical Study: 

The main goal of the clinical studies was to analyze the benefits of Phottex® garments (when worn in contact to the skin), such as blood microcirculation improvement, cellulite appearance, skin elasticity, collagen synthesis increase.

According to the results of the sensory assessment of perceived efficacy showed that: 73% of the subjects perceived blood microcirculation improved in the area covered by phottex® fabric, in less than 1 month.

Conclusions of Blood Microcirculation Flow Analysis:  

Phottex leg showed a result 4.6 times better than PA Std Leg, after 30 days per 6 h/day and 3 times better, after 60 days per 6 h/day. This is statistically significant.


According to the results obtained in the study, the statistical assessment of the skin roughness data in the area of high back thighs showed that:

In average, T leg - phottex reduced 9.8% relative skin roughness after 60 days 6 h/d wearing the long panty leggings and 4.9% after, 30 days per 6 h/d. This is statistically significant.

According to the results of the sensory assessment of perceived efficacy showed that:

73% of the subjects perceived reduction of cellulite appearance after 4 weeks in the area covered by phottex fabric.


Conclusions of Evaluation of skin roughness:  

According to the results obtained from the statistical analysis, after 60 days 6 h/d of treatment, T leg – phottex delivered an effect of skin roughness reduction of 2.5 times better than Y leg – PA std, which is statistically significant. After 30 days, there were no statistically significant differences between the results of fabrics T and Y. 


According to the results of the sensory assessment of perceived efficacy showed that:

67% of the subjects perceived improvement of smoother skin, one of the skin collagen synthesis, in the area covered by phottex fabric, in less than 4 weeks.


Conclusions of Collagen Synthesis Analysis

The treatment for 60 days 6 h/d of fabric T – phottex improved the skin collagen synthesis approximately 6.5 times comparing to fabric Y – PA std.

Phottex Main benefits

  • Blood Microcirculation Flow Improved
  • Better Cellulite – Orange Peel Appearance
  • Increase of Skin Smoothness
  • Higher Collagen Synthesis
  • Nice touch and moisture management of Polyamide 6.6 microfiber Full Dull
  • Good dyeability all colors, full white
  • Claims by robust scientific studies
  • Everlasting effect